It is a first kiss. And it is epic.

this is the only detail that makes me thing that it would be an Olicity kiss… (via beijingdoll)

Way too coincidental to be a coincidence. First James Bamford tweets about an epic kiss. Now E online mentions a first kiss between a would-be couple. And also, remember one of the pics we saw on set from episode 13 this season?? Felicity’s expression when Laurel and Oliver are embracing? 😯😏


I have been meaning to say this for a while now but I wanted sort my thoughts out first so they’d make sense when I typed it all down.

I’ve seen a lot of people predicting that Slade may force Oliver to choose between Laurel and Felicity to “corrupt” Felicity and make her lose her faith in him….

I definitely agree with what you said. The word “corrupt” has certain connotations and faith and feelings aren’t something that can be broken or changed simply because of Oliver choosing one girl over another, especially when one of the girls in question (Felicity) has a pretty darn near unwavering and unbreakable faith in him.

However, I still think that there will come a point in time that Oliver will be forced to make a choice between the two girls he cares for. And it’s not because of the whole idea of “corruption” of the faith and love they have in/for him, but rather the one thing that truly drives everything home. Of course, it may or may not happen because of Slade, and it may or may not be a replica of the situation Oliver was put into on the island.

There will come a point in the story where Oliver has to make a choice between the girl he’s loved for so many years — the one thing that above all made him struggle to survive 5 years on a hellish island, the person he was most anxious to meet after his first return to Starling City, the person he loves and part of him will always love but cannot be with because of Tommy — or the one person who’s always seen the person he is and accepts who he is in his entirety — the billionaire CEO, the vigilante who crossed names off a list to ease his own guilt, the man who’s taken lives, the hero who saves people because he wants to — the one person who knows the real him, believes in him and loves him for who he really is.



I’ve seen a couple of theories about how Slade will reenact the scene where Oliver inadvertently made a choice to save Sara over Shado. I’ll just sidetrack a little here and give my thoughts on this particular scene in the episode.

At the end of the countdown, Ivo had his gun pointing at Sara…

how do you know that Diggle is going to be pointing out that Oliver might be jealous in episode 10? I read that interview and that Diggle was going to be point out that he might be jealous but the one I read never said what episode. I assumed it was episode 8 or 9, but it wasn’t in those, so I figured it was cut. Also where did you hear that Barry would come back in episode 20 and notice that they are possibly more than friends? Episode 20 was suppose to be the backdoor pilot, but they gave the Flash, it’s own pilot, so he won’t be in episode 20.

I found the link to the part where it’s mentioned that Diggle will be pointing out that what Oliver is feeling is jealousy in episode 10. link Funnily enough, I can’t find the old interview where it was mentioned that Barry would notice the new dynamic between Oliver and Felicity in episode 20 which is now just going to be an arrow episode. Oh well. Maybe someone else who’s reading this can find the link to that old interview?



I’ve seen a couple of theories about how Slade will reenact the scene where Oliver inadvertently made a choice to save Sara over Shado. I’ll just sidetrack a little here and give my thoughts on this particular scene in the episode.

At the end of the countdown, Ivo had his gun pointing at Sara…

Barry doesn’t come back for episode 20, Flash got a stand-alone pilot.

I could have sworn in one of the recent interviews with one of the EP’s that Barry would be in episode 20, but maybe I’m wrong lol.

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I’ve seen a couple of theories about how Slade will reenact the scene where Oliver inadvertently made a choice to save Sara over Shado. I’ll just sidetrack a little here and give my thoughts on this particular scene in the episode.

At the end of the countdown, Ivo had his gun pointing at Sara and Oliver rushes in front of her and gets on his knees. What I gathered from this is that he wanted to take the bullet for her. Out of guilt that he dragged her into this whole mess that they were in. He didn’t make a choice. On the other hand, if Ivo had his gun pointed at Shado, I have no doubt that Oliver would have done the exact same thing.

Shado loved Oliver. She understood him and knew that he wouldn’t have been able to handle the guilt if Sara died because of him <i> again </i>. She probably knew Oliver had dropped to his knees behind Sara from the sound, and not her, and hence the resigned look on her face when she shut her eyes. She knew that if the gun was pointing at Sara, he would have taken the bullet for her. And since that was exactly what happened, she knew she was going to die.

Okay back to the original point of this post. So the predictions I’ve seen regarding Slade’s endgame for Oliver are the reenactment of this particular scene where he’ll be forced to make a choice, between Laurel and Felicity.

Slade used the word “corrupt” in his monologue. Now we know that Slade knows about how Oliver feels about Laurel. And he knows from Alderman/Sebastian Blood that Laurel has no clue about the identity of our favorite vigilante. This is a very big trump card to have and he’ll definitely use it to corrupt Laurel’s feelings for Oliver.

Secondly, we can gather from the camera pan to Felicity during this same portion of the monologue that Slade knows about Felicity as well. The only way Slade can possibly shake Felicity’s faith in Oliver is to make her doubt that he cares for her to save her when it comes to the choice between Laurel and her.

So when Slade orchestrates his big finale where he forces Oliver to make a choice between Laurel and Felicity, Oliver will lose everything. Here’s the thing. I have no doubt whatsoever that he will save both women. But, it’s highly possible that Oliver will <b>choose</b> to save Laurel first. And here’s why.

Laurel was Oliver’s talisman for the entire five years on the island. Apart from his father’s dying wish for him to right his wrongs, Laurel was the single, most pressing thing that pushed him to survive.

Because of Tommy and the fact that she doesn’t know the real him, they cannot be together, and he knows that. He’s been in love with Laurel for so long and a part of him will always love her. Even in episode 20 of the first season, Oliver bailed on Diggle to chase after Rasmeus who was skipping town even though Laurel wasn’t in danger and Diggle was.

Diggle also realized that he would always choose Laurel over anyone else. “You chose Laurel. Always her. Everyone else be damned.”

The direction the show is headed this season is a slow burn between Felicity and Oliver. We left episode 9 knowing that Felicity has left denial land and knows exactly what she feels for Oliver. Oliver on the other hand is still pretty clueless about how he feels and Diggle is the one who points out to him that he is jealous in episode 10. We can expect the remainder of the season to show Oliver’s realization of the depth of his feelings for Felicity and coming to terms with it. We also know that in episode 20 when Barry returns to Starling City, he notices that Oliver and Felicity are possibly more than friends.

Assuming that Slade’s endgame is within this season, can we really expect Oliver to realize that he’s possibly in love with his IT girl? I doubt that he will have reached that point by the end of this season and so it’s pretty realistic to predict that Oliver will choose Laurel over Felicity and this is what causes him to lose them both. Laurel will find out he’s the vigilante and he will lose her because of all the lies he’s told and how he failed to make it to Tommy in time.

Oliver loses Felicity as well because what exactly is a girl supposed to think when the man she loves saves another woman first?


I don’t think you know that nobody really ever can compare to Oliver, the way Laurel sees him and I think that Oliver feels the same way about her. Felicity may be there it may be a fling, I have no idea, but you know, bring it Felicity!! Laurel has got this!

-Katie Cassidy (x)

I think you should get the facts straight before making a post like that and getting the Olicity shippers to hate Laurel simply because of what Katie said in an interview before they even read the script for season 2.

That interview is really old news and personally, I doubt most of our fandom hate Laurel. We just don’t like the whole Oliver/Laurel pairing.

The word “corrupt” has certain implications and it will be exciting to see what Slade has in store for Felicity.


While Stephen says he doesnt think Oliver is jealous Colton’s like “Felicity’s in love with Oliver”.

I believe Stephen himself said that Oliver is jealous. No?

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I think Shado will be the ghost of past, Tommy of present and that heart-to-heart we heard about with Felicity will be the ghost of future instead of getting a real talk.

And Slade? Do you think he’s not a ghost but that they really have him in Starling City in the present…? 

That would be awesome….if only they put that kind of significance in Olicity. I will be happy…and dead. LOL

I think it really depends on how closely the writers are following the comics, doesn’t it?

My take on it is that the three ghosts will probably be Shado, Slade and Tommy. Now, we all know that Tommy died in the last season (unless he didn’t actually die like Malcom Merlyn) and this kinda leaves a conflict as to who’s the ghost from the past, doesn’t it?

I think it’s highly probable that Shado is the ghost of the past, Tommy the present and Slade the future. It’s the one that makes the most sense to me, and here’s why.

I highly doubt Slade died on the island though Oliver says all those who took the serum are dead. I’ve also seen posts whereby people are certain that Slade is still alive and theorized that it’s how it still exists in the present. Hence, it makes sense that Slade is the ghost from the future.

Secondly, Shado is a part of Oliver’s past on the island. Based on the direction the show seems to be taking with regard to the events that occurred on the island, it’s highly probable that Shado will become a cause of conflict between Slade and Oliver, leading to her getting caught in between the two friends and possibly leading to her death eventually? I must say though, I’ve never read the comics so… Yeah.

Lastly, Tommy’s the most possible choice for the ghost of the present. Why? This season is all about the choice Oliver makes regarding how he saves the city. Right from episode 1, and with every introduction we’ve had since then, it always shows us that every decision he makes as the arrow now includes honoring Tommy’s memory. I believe Oliver still harbors a deep sense of guilt for his failure to save Tommy and it will always be there. The only way he feels he can alleviate this guilt is by trying his utmost best not to kill anyone while saving the city.

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